E Komo Mai (Welcome)

Aloha! And Welcome to our beautiful Islands!

Our Hawaiian Islands offer the opportunity for all sorts of adventures and activities. Discover the rhythm of our tropical island getaways with miles of white sandy beaches, pristine blue bays and lush rainforests – all just around the bend from the pulse and excitement of a trendy cosmopolitan city.

A Hawaiian experience for everyone

More than you imagined, more than you knew, Hawaii is a rich and rewarding destination with a dazzling array of attractions, activities and venues.


Whatever your passion, Affordable In-HomeCare Services, offers you an experience unlike any other. We encourage you to plan your trip and share the experience with your loved ones who are ill, disabled, and/or handicapped. We can provide care and service to anyone of the above, of any age, whether it be for several hours, for a day, or during the duration of your entire visit.

Our services include providing care/companionship in your hotel room or while sightseeing, touring, swimming in the ocean, strolling the beach, hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, surfing, shopping, learning how to dance hula, out for an exotic dinner, watching a movie, or simple enjoying the night away in one of the local spot. Our traveling CNA/caregivers are able to assist while sightseeing or touring Oahu or any of the outer islands.

Neighbor Island Guests

To our neighbor island guests traveling to Oahu for an appointment, medical checkup, doctor's consultation, and medical procedures, but face the dilemma of travelling alone, our caregivers are able to assist you upon arrival to and from your destination.

Our Mission

Affordable in-Homecare Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality of caregiving in the comfort and privacy of each client’s home. We strongly follow and implement the six principles of care; Safety, Privacy, Dignity, Respect, Proper Communication, and we highly encourage independence for all individuals under our care. As a care provider, we consider it our duty to make sure that the staff we employ share our care philosophy and have reliable backgrounds. This is an assurance of the safety and well-being of our patients. You are like a family to us - we protect your well-being.