Why Should we use your sevices versus hiring a private person?
Our company is licensed, insured and our caregivers are bonded.

How much notice do you need to start service?
Ideally, we need a 3-day notice, but can usually start care within 24 hours notice, if requested.

Does insurance cover the cost?
Only Long Term Care Insurance policy pays our services. No health insurance policies.

Do you provide 24hr service at residents and hotels?
Yes. Our 24-hour Phone number is 1-808-688-3466 or 1-808-723-4411.

What are your rates?
Our basic hourly rate starts at $19.95. (Will be adjusted depending on level of care/service)

What happens when a caregiver needs time off or gets ill?
We send in a relief person with similar experience. The primary caregiver can take off when they want as long as proper notification to the client and to the company. If caregiver is ill, we can replace them quickly. Once a caregiver is placed, full effort will be exercised so that client is never left alone at home without care, except for short trips to the market or pharmacy.

Can you do a short term care?
Yes, it's called Respite Care, when the family caregiver needs a break or goes on vacation.

What if the service needed is for a couple?
Our rates are normally priced for single client, however, there is a 50% surcharge for another individual in the home that may need services. (50% may be adjusted depending on level of care/service to be provided).

Can you do five days a week if the care can be managed on the weekends?
Yes, Absolutely. We are pretty much flexible, we can even do weekends only.

What is the minimum hours that you can work?
We have a minimum of 4 hours per day.

Do we have to pay an initial deposit?
Absolutely None.

Who do we pay and How do we pay?
You will be sending your payments directly to Affordable HomeCare Services. You will be sent an invoice every other week after services is rendered. PLEASE DO NOT PAY THE CAREGIVER, WE PAY THEM.


Can we interview the caregiver first?
Normally not. Our Company is responsible in screening, hiring and scheduling the caregivers. We do our best to match the caregiver with the personality and temperment of the client. If for any reason the client wishes to change caregiver, we will do so at no charge.

What if the client has to go into a hospital?
If you request for our caregiver to care for your loved one in the hospital, we can do so. Otherwise, we can suspend service until the cilent returns home.

How can we terminate Service?
Either party can terminate service by giving a ten-day (10 days) written notice. Service will terminate ten days after written notice is received.

How far in advance do we notify you that service is not needed on a certain day?
There is a cancellation charge of equal to four (4) hours of service if you fail to notify us at least twenty-four (24) hours before the start of the shift.

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